This organization shall be known as the “PC REGULADORES LEMC, INC.”, (“Club”) and is an affiliate of the “Reguladores Motorcycle Club” as authorized by Article 7 of the Reguladores Law Enforcement Motorcycle Bylaws of the founding Chapter.



The purpose of the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter is to promote skilled and educated motorcycling, broaden motorcycle awareness, and serve as an advocate for motorcyclists on any related issues.  The Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter will also strive to promote and contribute to local charities.   



3.1.      Membership Criteria

Membership is open to any active or retired Law Enforcement Officer, Federal Agent, Federal, District, or State Prosecutor, and any Military Police who own a motorcycle.  These persons will be considered Law Enforcement members, and must possess the power to arrest or have proper retirement credentials.  The Reguladores also accept Associate members. Associate members are persons who own a motorcycle and who are invited to join by a Law Enforcement member.  All members shall be allowed to bring in their significant other.  If the significant other is a bike owner they shall be an Associate member.  All non-bike owning persons, depending on their sex, shall be referred to either as a Darlin or as an Associate member.


3.2.      Membership Selection

Membership is open to those who:

(a)   Meet the membership criteria;

(b)   Agree with the Club purpose;

(c)   Can and will comply with the rules of the Club as set forth by the bylaws.

Members who meet and abide by the above shall be deemed in good standing.


3.3.      Membership Rights

Any member that is in good standing shall have full rights of membership as provided by our Club bylaws.


 3.4.      Member Removal:

Any member may be removed for cause by a 51% majority vote of members present at a business meeting following a discussion of the cause.  The call for removal must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time, and location of the meeting and must include the reasons for calling a removal meeting. 


Any member not on a deployment, who misses 2 consecutive dues without notifying this Chapters President or Vice President will be removed from this Chapter / Club.


A Law Enforcement member or Associate member who relinquishes ownership of their motorcycle may remain a member for 24 months if they are not in violation of the Club bylaws.  If the member or Associate member fails to obtain a motorcycle after 24 months they will lose their status as a member.


A Law Enforcement member, or Associate member, who has become disabled and is unable to operate a motorcycle due to an injury or illness, or has had their license deactivated due to age or for medical reasons, with the exception of drug or alcohol abuse, shall remain a member in good standing if they are not in violation of Club bylaws.  Each membership removal issue under this section will be reviewed by the Executive Officers for its merits regarding continued membership within the Club.


A Law Enforcement member, Associate member, or Darlin that becomes widowed, divorced, separated, or dissolves a relationship with another member, Associate member, or Darlin, shall remain a member in good standing as long as they are not in violation of the Club bylaws.  Personal issues shall remain personal and shall not be made part of the Club business unless the issue becomes detrimental to the image of the Club at which time it will be addressed by the Club officers.  Associate members and Darlins shall have full membership rights even if their sponsoring member leaves the chapter so long as they are not in violation of the Club bylaws.



4.1.      Dues

New members’ fees will be the sum of the National fee plus any Club dues and costs (e.g. sewing charges).  Application fees are subject to change based on National fee changes and Club changes.  The Club will supply the colors.  

4.2.      Special Provisions

There is a $100.00 a year ($25.00 a Quater) Membership Dues, This is to be paid in person by each member no later than April 1st, July 1st, October1st and January 1st of each year.. 

4.3.      Upon Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the Club, all funds in the treasury shall be donated to a charity as selected by majority vote of the members at time of dissolution.



5.1.      Executive Meetings

Business meetings may be called by the President or by a majority request of the Executive Board to accommodate specific Club circumstances.


5.2.      Social Meetings

Social meetings will be held periodically for the purpose of fraternization and to promote Club interests.


5.3.      Meeting Announcement

            The exact dates, times, and meeting places will be announced on the Club website.


5.4.      General Membership Meetings

Meetings of the general membership shall be held once for each quarter of the year; or a general meeting may be called by the President or by a majority of the Executive Board.


5.5.      Quorum

Any three members of the Executive Board can require the President to specify a quorum for decisions.


5.6.      Minutes

Minutes of all meeting shall be recorded and reported at the next meeting and also reported on the Club website.


5.7.      Rules

All general meetings will be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order.




6.1.      Administration

The Club shall be administered by the following officers who shall collectively function as the Executive Board:

(a)   President;

(b)   Vice President;

(c)    Secretary;

(d)   Treasurer;

(e)   Sergeant (“Sgt.”) at Arms.



6.2.      General Provisions

The Club Officers shall be duly elected or appointed by the Executive Officers and have been vested by the membership with the duties of managing all aspects of the Club. This includes maintenance of the website, business issues, business meetings, Club finances, and Club events; including, but not limited to sanctioned rides, fund raisers, and Club parties that are being promoted and participated in by the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter. The Event Coordinator, Road Captain, or designated member in charge of a Club event shall comply with any legal request from the Club Executive Officers at any time and during any event that involves the Club.


(a)   The highest ranking Executive Officer in attendance at the event shall have overall control of said event.

(b)   In the absence of an Executive Officer, a member designated by the Executive Officers will be in charge of the event.

(c)    If no member was designated, then the Club member with highest seniority present at the event will have overall control of the event.

(d)   During Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter events, the highest ranking Officer in attendance shall assume charge from the members leading or members promoting the event if the Officer has cause to do so and believes it is in the best interests of the Club.  This includes but is not limited to: unsafe practices or acts, violations of state law, blatant violations of the Club bylaws, or any other act perpetrated by a member or by members that would be detrimental or cause damage to the image of the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter or The Reguladores LEMC.

(e)   Any Officer may temporarily suspend a member from his appointed position for cause until such time when the Executive Board can review the issue.

(f)     Event Officers are Non-Executive Board Officers charged with enforcing conduct as set forth in the Club bylaws.


There are 4 types of Event Officers:

(a)   Road Captains organize the Club during riding events.

(b)   Event Coordinator organizes and leads an event not centered on riding.

(c)    Web Master is responsible for maintaining the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter website.

(d)   Chaplains lead the Club in blessings and provide counsel to members.


6.3.            Qualifications

(a)     The President and Vice President shall be Law Enforcement members who are Peace Officers and in good standing.

(b)     The Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms, Road Captains, Web Master, and Event Coordinators can be any member in good standing.

(c)     Executive Board members who operate a motorcycle shall be licensed in accordance with Florida State Law.

(d)     Road Captains must exhibit safe riding skills and it is recommended that they take part in a group riding program that covers the planning, procedures, signals, and other relevant factors for a group riding activity.

(e)     Event Coordinators must be able to coordinate a given event through completion.

(f)      Chaplains must be of sound background and Faith, and able to provide counseling and support to members when requested.


6.4.            Officer Reimbursement

Officers shall be eligible for reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred during the administration of Club business by submitting a request with receipts at a business meeting. Approval is by a majority vote of members present.  These expenses are to be listed separately on an end-of-year report by the Treasurer.



7.1.      President

The duties of the President shall include, but not be limited to:

(a)   Oversee business meetings, events, functions, sanctioned rides, and activities that are sponsored, promoted, or associated by and with the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter.

(b)   Manage the Club in accordance with the rules set forth in the bylaws and ensuring the enforcement of the stated bylaws in a professional and impartial manner.

(c)    Ensure that the chapter complies with the written objectives and purpose of this organization.

(d)   Ensure the delegation of Club related duties as may be required for the continued success of the Club.

(e)   Delegate presidential duties to the Vice President when required.

(f)     Appoint Chapter officers when a position becomes available due to resignation or termination of an Officer from the Club in accordance with the bylaws.

(g)   Appoint other positions not filled by election process. This may include but not be limited to; the webmaster, event coordinators, and road captains.

(h)   Suspend or terminate a member from an appointed position for cause.

(i)     Approve Club expenditures.


7.2.      Vice President

The duties of the Vice President shall include, but not be limited to:

(a)   Perform the duties of the President in case of his or her absence or inability.

(b)   Serve as the Activities Coordinator in scheduling, planning, and ensuring that proper arrangements are made for all Club sponsored activities and events.

(c)    Perform other duties which may be assigned by the President.


7.3.      Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall include, but not be limited to:

(a)   Keep and maintain accurate written records of all executive and general meetings.

(b)   Ensure that an open line of communication is made available to all members via e-mail or phone, regarding any and all Club functions.

(c)    Assist the Webmaster in ensuring that proper and correct information is placed on the website.

(d)   Accept and record all nominations for Executive Board elections.

(e)   Make lodging arrangements for out-of-town Club functions at those locations and for Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter guests belonging to Reguladores LEMC who are visiting from other locations.

(f)     Perform other duties which may be assigned.


7.4.            Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall include, but not be limited to:

(a)   Maintain an up-to-date membership list, available upon request to any member of the Executive Board.

(b)   Coordinate reimbursement expenditures through the Executive Board.

(c)    Receive, record, and report all monies or property donated to, paid to, or owned by the Club.

(d)   Keep an account of all receipts and disbursements so that a statement of the financial condition of the Club is available upon request to the Officers or general membership.

(e)   Prepare an end-of-year report for the Executive Board to be shared with the general membership at the first meeting of each fiscal year.

(f)     Perform other duties which may be assigned.


7.5.            Sergeant at Arms

The duties of the Sergeant at Arms shall include, but not be limited to:

(a)   Keep and maintain order during executive and general meetings.

(b)   Survey and assess security risk for Club members at any and all functions and ensure the safety of Club members and guests when not riding.

(c)    Assist the Secretary in making lodging arraignments for out of town functions or for guests at our local functions.

(d)   Perform other duties which may be assigned.


7.6.            Webmaster

The duties of the Webmaster shall include but not be limited to:

(a)   Maintain the Club website in coordination with Executive Board.

(b)   Collect new material and information as needed to keep the website current.

(c)    Perform other duties which may be assigned.


7.7.            Officer Succession

The following structure will be in effect in the absence of normal officer responsibility: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms and the highest ranking Charter member as per the roster.



8.1.      Nominations and Ballots

Nominations and applications for Executive Officers shall be made at the general meeting during the third quarter.  All nominations and applications shall be made by contacting the Club Secretary in writing.  Elections will be held in September according to section 8.3.  Elections will be conducted by the Secretary, if the candidate is running unopposed.  If the candidate is opposed, the ballots will be overseen by a committee appointed by the Officers.  Balloting will be conducted electronically and by show of hands at a called meeting.


8.2.      Good Standing

All officers must be members in good standing.


8.3.      Terms

Candidates for the Executive Officer positions must be current members.  Those receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected for that year and hold office until the election of a replacement.  Terms will be for a two year period beginning January 1st following the September election.


8.4.      Vacancies

Vacancies in any office shall be filled by a Club member in good standing appointed by the President.  Appointed Officers shall serve until the next regular election of officers.


8.5.      Removal of Officer

Any officer may be removed from office for cause by a 51% majority vote of members present at a business meeting following a discussion of the cause.  The call for a meeting for removal must be announced to the membership no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the meeting and must include the date, time, and location of the meeting and must include the reasons for calling a removal meeting.



9.1.      Nature of Appointments

Appointments and committees are positions in the Club that are of a voluntary nature.


9.2.      Discretionary Appointments

Positions appointed by the Executive Board may be changed at the discretion of the appointee or the Board.



10.1.    President’s Discretion

The President may spend up to $500.00 without prior approval of the Board Officers. The expenditures shall be for Club related business only.  The President shall make notice of the purpose of the expenditure to the Club Officers at the earliest time convenient. Notice shall be given in writing, or as part of the minutes of a meeting, or by email for permanent record. The President shall not exceed $500.00 expenditures within a one month period without approval from a majority 2/3 of the Chapter Officers.


10.2.    Donations

Donations of any amount shall be approved by a majority 2/3 of the Chapter Officers.  


10.3.    Other Expenditures

All other club related expenditures shall be approved by the President or Vice President and noted accordingly by the Treasurer.


10.4.    Reimbursement

A Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter Officer or member shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred for pre-approved Club related business or administration purposes.  Members shall not make Club related expenditures without prior approval from the President or Vice President.


10.5.    Business Trips

On an occasion that a Club Officer(s) or Club member(s) are required to attend an out-of-town Club related business trip, the projected cost of the trip shall be approved by 2/3 majority of the Club’s Officers and the amount is not to exceed $500.00. If the projected cost exceeds $500.00, the membership shall vote 2/3 majority whether the expense may be incurred prior to the trip.

An exclusion to this rule will be a Club related out-of-town business meeting that is associated with a Reguladores LEMC function where all members are invited, for example the Yearly National Meeting of Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents, that is conducted at the National Party.  This shall not be funded by the Club.

The reimbursements shall only be for fuel, reasonable lodging, and reasonable meals. Reasonable meal purchases shall not to exceed $50.00 a day per member.  Alcoholic beverage purchases, excessive priced meal purchases, and/or door or event cover charges shall not be reimbursed by the Club.

All expenditures shall be detailed in writing and have all receipts attached.


10.6.    Chapter Trips

In the event that the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter provides a chase vehicle or trailer to follow the group to assist with break downs or other club business, the chapter will pay the fuel costs for such vehicle.  This will only be approved for sanctioned rides or events that are promoted by or participated in by Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter and with prior approval of the Officers 2/3 majority.


10.2.    Logos


The Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter has purchased the rights to use the approved logos of the Reguladores LEMC for marketing and advertising purposes.


(a)   The Club will only market merchandise using the logos approved by Executive Officers and in accordance with the specifications set forth by the founding members.

(b)   All sales of merchandise displaying the approved logos shall be exclusively for the benefit the Club and not an individual member.  No member shall profit from the use of the logo without prior permission from the Officers.  Permissions may be given on a case by case basis.

(c)    No merchandise shall be manufactured using the logo without prior approval of the Executive Officers.




Notification of proposed changes to the bylaws of the Club will be made at least two weeks prior to a meeting at which changes in the bylaws are to be considered.



Bylaws may be changed by a simple majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled general Club meeting.



Bylaw changes will take effect upon determination of the final result of the vote.



Amendments to the bylaws shall note the date of change after the respective bylaw, e.g. [1 Jul 05].  Revisions of existing bylaws shall be notated accordingly, e.g. (rev 1.1.10) and must be approved by the National Chapter prior to publishing.



12.1.  General

Any member of the Club may be dismissed from a Club meeting or Club activity as a result of inappropriate behavior.  The member shall be warned concerning such inappropriate conduct by an Executive Board member.  The following shall be a basis for disciplinary measures:

(a)   Unsafe riding habits, especially any activity which jeopardizes the safety of other persons.

(b)   Behavior that is detrimental to the image of the Club.  Threating another member of the club.

(c)    Associating with the criminal element outside the scope of Law Enforcement duties.

(d)   A member in good standing of the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter shall be considered an ambassador of the Reguladores LEMC.  The public actions of the member while wearing the patch should never diminish, or prove to be detrimental to the image of our chapter, or the Club in general.  Positive promotion of our Club to the public and other Law Enforcement entities is requested from the membership.

(e)   A Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter member in good standing shall not purposely or knowingly associate, support, or attend any function, fund raiser, ride, or social event that is being promoted by any criminal organization while the member is wearing their Reguladores colors. This would include but not be limited to the following 1 % criminal motorcycle gangs: The Hells Angels, The Bandidos, The Pagans, The Outlaws, The Mongols and any and all of their support clubs and any other 1% club.  A direct violation of this rule will be addressed with possible termination from the Club.

(f)     No Member shall maintain dual membership in other tri-patch MC designated clubs. This excludes such clubs as Patriot Guard, Church groups, H.O.G., and similar enthusiast groups.  Members must get any perceived dual membership status approved by a majority vote of the sitting Officers.



12.2.          Disciplinary Actions

Ratification of Executive Board recommendations for disciplinary action will be by a 51% majority vote of the Club members in attendance at a regularly scheduled general meeting.




All members and guests participating in any riding activity:

(a)   Are encouraged to wear long pants and over-the-ankle footwear.

(b)   Shall be licensed, tagged/registered and insured for the vehicle that they are operating.

(c)    Shall keep their motorcycle in proper operating condition.

(d)   Proof of license, registration, insurance can be requested and an inspection of the condition and/or equipment can be made by any Club Officer or Road Captain; Club Officer or Road Captain may deny participation for failure to meet 13.1 standards in the interest of group's safety.




Non-member motorcycle owners are welcome at general meetings, rides, and social gatherings of the Club so long as they are invited guests and accompanied by a “regular” member.



Guests must agree to abide by Club rules and standards of conduct.



Members who bring guests are responsible for the guests’ conduct.




While riding in a group the placement of bikes will be as follows:

(a)   President,

Vice President,



Sgt. at Arms,

Charter Members,



(b)   Road Captain’s shall be placed as needed.

(c)    A “Sanctioned Ride” shall be any four patch holding members.




Colors are defined as patches used to signify or represent the Reguladores LEMC.

(a)   On the back of the vest only the Reguladores three piece patch will be worn.

(b)   On the front left of the vest above the “heart” is where you will wear patches indicating an office you that hold, or that you are a charter member.

(c)    A road name patch is to be placed on the right side and across from the above.



All patch-holding members are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner at all times.  Members are to present themselves as proper Ambassadors of the Club when conducting business with vendors, when riding, and at social functions.  The public perception of the Reguladores must be one of professionalism and courtesy; and it is to be held in the highest regard.  All members must strive to meet the highest standards of respect and safety at all times.


17.1. Violations

Any Member will be in violation of Club policy and the Code of Ethics if found to be engaged in the following:

(a)   Any Felony arrest or indictment;

(b)   Any Misdemeanor arrest that involves the following circumstances:

1)      Theft;

2)      Domestic Violence;

3)      Narcotics;

4)      Perjury;

5)      Stalking;

6)      Terrorist Threats;

7)      Any criminal activity that, after review by the Board, would be considered a crime of Moral Turpitude.

(c)    Public display of lawlessness by a member, while in colors, that would be punishable by a penalty similar to those of the aforementioned crimes.

(d)   Suspension, Termination, or Revocation of Law Enforcement Certification by City, State, or Federal Agencies or Accreditors.  

(e)   All above mentioned behaviors or incidents are to be reviewed by the Executive Board.


17.2.          Penalties

Actions to be taken:

(a)   Upon review and consideration by the Executive Officers of the Reguladores LEMC Panama City Chapter, any member found to have violated the Code of Conduct will be placed on immediate suspension pending the results of due legal process.  Said member will be REQUIRED to turn in his/her colors until such time the member is exonerated and continued membership is approved by the Directing Officers.

A member on suspension may not participate in Club activities, ride as a guest, or promote himself/herself as a member of the Reguladores LEMC.  Failure to respond or turn in Club colors in a timely manner (no later than the 5th day from date of notification) will result in IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT dismissal from the Club; it will also negate future membership possibilities.  

(b)   A member of the Club may be dismissed from a Club meeting, activity, or event, as a result of inappropriate behavior, or disruptive manners that the Club Officers believe to be detrimental to the Club or to Club member. This includes, but not be limited to, disruption of Club meetings, activities, or events; vulgar or abusive language; threats towards another member or guest; exhibition or vulgar acts that may be considered offensive to members or guests.

(c)    The member shall receive a warning prior to dismissal unless the violation warrants immediate action.  The decision for dismissal will be at the discretion of the Executive Officers in attendance and their orders will be followed by the members.


(rev 8.4.12) 








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