The History of the REGULADORES Motorcycle Club grew from the idea of a member who wanted something more than the average Public Safety Club offered. In 2001our founders met and had a vision. They decided they were all looking for the same thing, a bond; a brotherhood was formed and the Founding Chapter, REGULADORES Corpus Christi, TX came to be. It was decided from the start, the club would not have many rules. If you respect the men you ride with and treat each as a brother, with respect, then you “don’t need any stinking rules”.

We ride hard, we party harder and we are there for each other when a brother needs help. We are aware of what happens to one REGULADORES affects us all, as well as the actions of one reflect on the entire brotherhood. We are proud of “SKULLY” that we wear on our backs but are prouder still, of the men who wear our colors.

New members would be carefully selected of character that were committed to their family, country, and careers but were looking for a few brothers to ride who they could trust with their wife, their daughter, their bike or their paycheck who also knew how to party and ride their butts off.

If you have read this far and are still interested, you may be REGULADORES material. We are looking for the best. Quite simply we emphasize quality over quantity. We don’t care if you ain’t pretty outside; we are interested in what’s on the inside. We are interested in people who will wear the club name on their back like it belonged to them, which it does! And wear that with the pride it deserves. You must have a love for riding, for sharing the good times and bad times with people you consider your brothers. If you are still interested in joining the REGULADORES brotherhood remember, while you’re looking at us, we will be looking at you.

"The horse doesn't make the rider. It's the rider that makes the horse!"



The name of this organization shall be Reguladores Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The 4 founders of the club reserve all rights to the control
and design of the colors, name Reguladores, and recruitment applications

Club Founders:

• Ron Zirbes
• Curtis Shelton
• Richard Maxwell
• Ed Longoria


What our colors represent:

WINGS: Motorcycles and Freedom

BADGE: Law Enforcement

BLUE: Those who have died in the line of duty

PISTOLS: Tools of the trade

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